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Well-being in the workplace is a central aspect ofCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR), each company can benefit from investing in the employees" well-being. Simple solutions can greatly improve competitiveness, profitability and workers" motivation.
A report commissioned by the Strategic Analysis Center in 2012 proved that exercising at work is one of the solutionsand that a regular physical activity is directly linked to: 40% less absenteesim, a staff turnover reduced by 25% and a 3 to 34€ return on investment for each euro invested.

With this Corporate offer, CoachClub focuses on helping companies who wish to fight against effects connected with stress problems, absenteeism, exhaustion... CoachClub works with doctors and sports and well-being physicians to create an easy solution that doesn"t require any physical infrastructure thanks to unlimited access to a training platform for sports and well-being available anytime, anywhere.

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